About Pete

Pete is an accomplished author, experienced journalist, savvy communications specialist, and a highly sought after media trainer.

He’s trained countless corporate executives and entrepreneurs as well as leaders in a wide range of fields. These include local and national government, law, sport, medicine, school management and governance, tourism and aged care.

Pete understands what it takes to excel as a media spokesperson because of his experience on both sides of the microphone. He began his career as a reporter for a daily newspaper. Later, he moved into media management as a government press secretary. From there, he became a communication manager before starting his own media training business.

Pete is highly qualified. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Journalism from the University of Canterbury and a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Management from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Pete enjoys staying active and ran his first marathon at the age of 38. In his down time he enjoys a round of golf and socialising with friends.

Pete is the International author of “Media Training for Modern Leaders.” He’s based in Christchurch, New Zealand where he lives with his wife Stephanie and daughter Olivia. He travels extensively across the Asia Pacific region to conduct workshops and present at conferences and other events.

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