Media Training for Modern Leaders


Today’s news media is quite different than it was even a few years ago. Leaders need to know how these changes affect how they deal with the media. Many of the skills are the same as they were before the digital age, but some have changed. Media Training for Modern Leaders covers everything today’s leaders need to know when it comes to media relations. Some of these skills have been around for many years, but others need to be adapted to be compatible with the contemporary news media. The focus of the book is to help modern leaders protect and grow their reputations in a changing news media landscape. You’ll learn:

  • Crucial new skills needed by media spokespeople in the modern era
  • 5 essential steps to eliminate your fear of the news media forever
  • How to get your key points through the editing process every time with ease
  • The vital secrets to answering the toughest questions
  • How to avoid landmines that can derail your interview
  • The essential steps to handling the media when crisis strikes
  • How to appear professional and impress any media audience

Author: Pete Burdon
Publisher: Global Publishing Group, Melbourne, Australia
Number of pages: 204


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