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A media interview is not a Q&A. This is the big mistake so many spokespeople make. The Masterclass will show you how to take control and make your points the focus.
The key to any media interview is helping the reporter, but in a way where you both win. This will be a focus of the Masterclass.
There are many traps to avoid when communicating with media, whether through broadcast or print. The Masterclass uncovers these traps and demonstrates how to avoid them and turn any interview into a major opportunity.

About Your Host
Pete Burdon is a former daily newspaper reporter and government press secretary. This gives him a complete understanding of both sides of any media interaction. For the last 15 years, Pete has been trained leaders from multiple disciplines in New Zealand and Australia how to master any media interview, whether in a positive or negative situation. He has Masters degrees in Communication Management and Journalism  from universities in Sydney and Christchurch.

Pete Burdon

Join me  for the 38 minute Masterclass to put your mind at rest in knowing that you'll be able to survive and win whenever you talk to the news media ...

Pete Burdon,

What they're saying about Pete's Media Training 

I put the skills I learnt in Pete Burdon's workshop to immediate use. I had to front media the following week. The techniques I took away from the training helped me work out exactly what I wanted to say and get it across in the best possible way. 
"The training we completed with you last year has been so valuable to me on so many occasions. The tragedy we had last week with a young student passing away drew big media attention and I felt really well equipped to field interviews and make comments. The awareness you have instilled in us certainly paid dividends every time. Thank you for that."
"The Crisis Communication Plan developed by Pete Burdon is an essential document for Christchurch Boy’ High School. I have a copy at work and home and it has made communications during emergency situations such as earthquakes and evacuations straight forward. Our communications during these situations have enhanced our communities trust in us and our reputation. The plan has given me a sense of control during fast moving situations. "
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For 20 years  Pete has helped leaders and experts maintain and grow their reputations and brands. These have ranged from politicians to corporate leaders to small business owners.
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