Become A Guaranteed Best Selling Author With Pete
Why is a book such a game-changer? 
  • AUTHORITY: There’s a reason the first six letters of the word ‘authority’ starts with AUTHOR. A book gives you unmatched authority, respect and expert status.
  • PERSONAL BRAND: Nothing grows a personal brand like a book. There’s an old saying, ‘Salespeople have brochures, experts have books.’
  • AMAZING REACH: Books produced by SBA are available in thousands of online and offline outlets across New Zealand, Australia and the World. Books also stay around for years and are passed on to others.
  • BOTTOM LINES: The massive reputation gains and market reach lead to more doors being opened, more clients and more profit.
The simple way 
The easiest way to become a best selling author is to co-author a book with Pete Burdon. He always has such books in progress. We look for experts in specific areas of business to contribute chapters (by themselves or with our help).  
The chapters are then collated into books, edited, designed, printed and distributed throughout New Zealand, Australia and the world AS BEST SELLERS through our affiliates. We guarantee best seller status.  Contact us for more details at info@PeteBurdon.com
Write your own book 
We can help you get your own book published, edited and distributed through the same channels. Contact us for more details at info@PeteBurdon.com.

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For 20 years  Pete has helped leaders and experts maintain and grow their reputations and brands. These have ranged from politicians to corporate leaders to small business owners.
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