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In addition to his training, Pete regularly addresses conferences and other events as either the keynote speaker or the presenter of a breakout workshop. He uses real-life video examples and his own stories to back up the points he is making. Engaging, funny at times and highly practical, audiences are both entertained and learn some valuable new skills. 

Pete presents on a number of topics related to the news media and how entrepreneurs and business owners can stand out as authorities in their niches. The following are the most popular.
How to Standout in a Noisy World
This focuses on how entrepreneurs and business owners can grow their brands by becoming undisputed and recognised experts in their niches. It looks at how they can grow their authority by doing things that others are not doing to stand out. 

Rather than focus on the standard marketing tools that everyone uses, the presentation looks at the power of becoming an author, co-author and a go-to-expert for the news media.

It also shows attendees how they can take advantage of these tools in a noisy world where its increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

Presentations typically last from 30-minutes to 2-hours and are always specifically tailored for your audience. 

When you are the headline: How to face the news media with confidence in today's world
This focuses heavily on how to turn any media interview into an opportunity. It looks at what the media need, and how to get your points across and into media stories. 

What makes this unique is how it's designed for today's leaders, taking into account all the recent changes in the news media landscape.  Consistent feedback shows that this presentation helps audience members communicate better in a variety of situations, not just with the media. 

Presentations typically last from 30-minutes to 2-hours and are always specifically tailored for your audience. 

Contact us for more details or email  info@PeteBurdon.com.

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For 20 years  Pete has helped leaders and experts maintain and grow their reputations and brands. These have ranged from politicians to corporate leaders to small business owners.
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