Keynote Presentations

Pete gives Keynote Presentations on the following topics.

  • Shine in the media spotlight (How to master any media interview)
  • Crisis as a threat or opportunity (How to turn a crisis to your advantage)

He uses real-life examples and his own stories to get his points across. Engaging, funny at times, and effective, your audience will be both entertained and learn some valuable new skills. Presentations typically last from 30-minutes to 2-hours and are always specifically tailored for your audience.

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Media Training for Spokespeople Workshops

This workshop is for media spokespeople either new to the role, or existing ones who want to brush up on their media skills. Participants learn how to appear and feel confident during interviews, how to ensure their points get reported and how to avoid being misquoted or taken out of context. One skill is learnt at a time before participants are asked to put that into practice on camera.

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Crisis Communication Planning Workshops

If your organisation suffers a crisis event, are you ready to communicate within minutes? With the advent of social media, that’s what you must do to maintain your reputation. It’s too late at that point to call in a PR Company.  You need to deal with the first hour yourself. This course shows you how to do that and create your own Crisis Communication Plan. It is for CEOs, PR managers and other senior staff.

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