Business Leaders, Owners and Communication Staff
Pete offers both online courses and offline workshops and presentation options for the business sector. The topics include: "Media Training for Modern Leaders" and "HOW to get FREE Press to Grow your Business and Expert Status."
School Leaders
Pete offers training tailored specifically to school leaders and other education providers. These include: "Media Training for School Leader," and "Crisis Communication Planning for Schools." This includes a tailorable Crisis Communication Plan for Schools.

Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Coaches
Pete offers online and offline training that focuses on how experts can get free media attention. These include: "HOW to get FREE Press to Grow your Business and Expert Status," along with "Media Training for Experts."
Pete offer an extensive range of Franchise-focused training online and in person.
These include: "How to Grow your Franchise Profits with FREE Press," "Media Training for Franchisors, while he also has a focus on "Crisis Communication Planning for Franchisors."
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