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Face To Face Training
HOW to get FREE press to grow your business and expert status

This workshop shows business owners and subject matter experts how to get featured regularly in the news media. This is an area that is overlooked in most marketing plans, but has the potential to significantly grow business bottom lines and expert status at no cost.

Attendees will learn the following:
  • ​How to find the best media to target
  • ​What your media targets want
  • ​How to communicate with them
  • ​Tactics to grow your media profile with minimal work
Course details :
The workshop is conducted over either a half day or a full day. This depends on the detail required.
For More information :
Contact Pete's team on  Info@PeteBurdon.com 
Media Training for experts

This workshop is focused on turning experts into masters of the media interview. It is unique because it has been adapted to take into account recent changes in the news media landscape that affect media interview requirements and preparation.

Participants learn the following:
  • ​How to look and feel confident in any interview
  • ​How to get their points into media stories
  • ​How to avoid being misquoted or quoted out of context
  • ​How to communicate better in other areas such as board meeting sand presentations
Course details :
The workshop is usually conducted over half or full days, depending on the number of participants. This course can be offered in conjunction with Media Training Academy.
For More information :
Contact Pete's team on  Info@PeteBurdon.com
Online Training
HOW to get FREE press to grow your business and expert status (ONLINE)

This is the online version of HOW to get FREE press to grow your business and expert status. This includes 10 videos of approximately 8 minutes each. Video topics range from “How to find the right media” to “What Media Want” to “How to Communicate with the news media”. The course includes exercises and downloadable material such as a press release template and a story pitch email example. The course is highly practical and includes lots of real life examples. The cost is $1500 for 12 months access.

Media Training Academy

This is unique among online media training courses because of its practical nature. Participants are taught the theory through video, before they are asked to put their new skills into practice with our online media interview scenarios. This is perfect for school leaders who can't spare the time for face-to-face media training sessions, the geographically remote and those that find it difficult to bring staff together for training from different locations. It's also perfect for those who need the skills but are uncomfortable with interview role-plays in front of peers. 

To see inside the Media Training Academy, CLICK HERE 

For More information :
Contact Pete's team on  Info@PeteBurdon.com
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