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Pete Burdon
Pete moved into Media Training after many years as a reporter and media advisor. He did so because he saw so many businesses and individuals lose major opportunities to promote themselves through the media and others damage their reputations purely because they didn't know how to handle the media when the stakes were high.

Pete is unique because he understands both sides of the media interaction. As a former daily newspaper  reporter, he is well aware of what the media want and how to give it to them while also promoting yourself. 

Just as importantly, Pete has worked on the other side of the news. As a high-profile press secretary in government, he advised Cabinet Ministers on how to deal effectively with the media. His advisory role extended to that of spokesperson. After performing the same role for a major industry lobby group and a leading public relations company, he moved into the world of the self-employment.

Pete offers both online and offline training and mentoring in two specific areas. Firstly, how to get free news media attention to grow profits and reputations, and secondly, how to be ready for that media approach when the stakes are high and reputations are under threat.

He is the international author of, "Media Training for Modern Leaders," published in Melbourne, Australia, and available in multiple locations. The book stands out among other similar publications because it takes into account how franchise and other leaders must change their approach to the news media in today's world. It is also one of the most up-to-date books on the subject available anywhere in the world. 

Pete has two Masters Degrees. The first was achieved in Journalism at the University of Canterbury and the second in Communication Management from the Sydney University of Technology.  He lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with his wife Stephanie and daughter Olivia and travels extensively across the Asia Pacific Region with his work.
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